A Dainty Thing


alright sooooo…..

My ass is hugeee!

I read in a magazine that when women lifted there legs got smaller instead of getting bulkier…disproving the myth that women have about not lifting because they don’t want bulky legs yada yada yada.

The article was true…but it left out a detail.

I have been lifting because like any other girl, i want thin legs, and like a lot of us, i’ve had big legs since i hit puberty.

My legs have been thinning out and yet my jeans are getting tighter…….

MY ASS IS GROWING! not even that it’s growing idk even know. it’s become very firm so it is harder to squeeze it into pants because it isn’t like soft, ya dig?

I guess it’s a good mistake? even though i might need bigger pants soon….

skinny girls look good in clothes….but we fit girls look good naked.

and i be looked good nakey recently. nawww mean

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